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Wedding dal mondo, Sean Flanigan from Seattle

By 17 April 2014 One Comment

Celebra’s many novelties also include numerous columns that we will reveal a little at a time. We introduce you our latest rubric: Wedding dal Mondo.

We would like to use the italian name, because we love the international point of view, but we love to promote our philosophy: made in Italy, high-quality, collaboration, team work.


Because it enables us to exchange ideas with international photographers, with those companies that have succeeded in creating a “magical” setting through which to channel their professional skills.

The great opportunity with this column is to give voice to a world in evolution, in a state of flux. In order to get through this worldwide cultural and economic storm we have to unite, pull together all our differences and walk together through the process of change!  We love this rubric!

Today we introduce you Sean Flanigan (blogfb) from Seattle (….we are really excited!)


“I’m not much for talking about myself, but it turns out it’s really important.

It’s important because if we get the chance to work together—the chance to find exactly the right way to capture the life, spirit, and joy of your wedding day—we’re going to need to get to know one another. I’ll go first: I love documenting life with a creative eye, whether I’m working with couples or on assignment for the Wall Street Journal. I like getting in the mix, up close and personal with the people and places I shoot, because that’s the best way I know to show what’s really happening. The same goes for my relationship with you—this is about you, so working together closely is the ideal way we’re going to get a great set of images out of it. And I know that’s what’s made the whole process such a success for the couples I’ve photographed, and I’m thankful to have been a part of it.

So how about you? What gets you really excited about your wedding? How do you imagine the photos that will tell your story? Get in touch, and let’s get a conversation started.

All the Best,

How did you create your own international brand , what state is the path from when you started today, which has allowed you to become who you are?

I started my business out of Seattle, Washington. When I first started, I didn’t have a website. I photographed a friends wedding & from that, I booked 10 jobs the following year. I’ve always pushed myself to stay in contact with my clients after the wedding is over. In doing so, I’ve had to opportunity to photograph their friends and family members. These referrals have taken to some incredible places.

How do you relate with the brides and how do you manage the signature of contracts?

I try to take photographs today that will attract the kind of clients I want in the future.


Would you rather face the day in a detached way , or would you prefer to know as much as possible to be able to relate in a more friendly and get involved in the events?

I always ask my clients to give me the same access they would give a close friend or family member. This way I can photograph the wedding from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

Do you use social networks to propose your business?

Yes, i us  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

You got a very recognizable style  you see that you’ve done careful research, how you got there ? What do you think of the presence on the market of apps like instagram , how they are changing the perception of the image ?

If I see something interesting I react to it. I photograph what I’m drawn too. I think the presence of Instagram has been amazing for me and my business. I’ve booked clients from Instagram. Its also a good way to build a relationship with your clients.

Do you work in team? Do you work in a professional studio or at home?

Yes, my wife. She is a so pretty- and she is also pretty good with a camera. We work out of our house.




With which other photographers usually do group sessions or share?

I think it’s important for us to surround ourselves with other creatives. I have a close network of friends that I keep in touch with. We are able to keep each other accountable as well as push each other creatively.

Leave a message or greeting to the Italian photographers who follow you

Thank you for enjoying my work. I am extremely flattered that you were interested enough to have an interview with me. I hope to visit Italy soon!



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