welcome to our atelier

Specialists with decades of experience in software, printing, photography and design.

Our atelier finds his core in Italy and works for professional photographer with innovative, powerful and easy tools which allowe you to customize creations with high added value.

The quality of our products (printing, binding and cover),combined with a deep respect for the needs of the customer, makes Celebra the ideal partner of the professional photographer.

Thanks to our expertise and the daily contact with industry professionals Celebra can develop softwareS such as Grace, the ideal solution for those who want to make a fine album book, streamline layout procedure and and SET FREE their own creativity.

Celebra philosophy

Celebra has a mission: to make the best book albums in the world! An ambitious but attainable objective. The mission to market and produce only high-quality Book albums, suitable for remembering Celebrations and Ceremonies, speaks for itself, “we only do this and we must be the best at it”. For us, every day a creative desktop opens up, on which all new ideas converge, thanks above all to the collaboration that our customers have with the company.

GRACE software has gained wide dissemination due to its cutting edge technology and the service it offers to the professional.