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Wedding dal mondo, Tanarak Photography from Hong Kong

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Celebra’s many novelties also include numerous columns that we will reveal a little at a time. We introduce you our latest rubric: Wedding dal Mondo.

We would like to use the italian name, because we love the international point of view, but we love to promote our philosophy: made in Italy, high-quality, collaboration, team work.


Because it enables us to exchange ideas with international photographers, with those companies that have succeeded in creating a “magical” setting through which to channel their professional skills.

The great opportunity with this column is to give voice to a world in evolution, in a state of flux. In order to get through this worldwide cultural and economic storm we have to unite, pull together all our differences and walk together through the process of change!  We love this rubric!

Today we introduce you Tanarak Photography (blogfb) from Hong Kong

A photographer who was everywhere
Fascinated in photography since 10, Tanarak is very sensitive to things happened around him. This is because he thinks emotion may happen any second. Only through continuous observation can one capture the spontaneous emotion of the newly wedded couple and their friends and relatives.

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How did you create your own international brand , what state is the path from when you started today, which has allowed you to become who you are?

My style of photography is natural approach with un-obstructive way  nowadays they call wedding photojournalist style I do that every single wedding I shoot and I also add my personal touch of art and angle that create my own style also the colorful, bright, and cheerful feel to every single frame I create. I have Architectural degree and work as the graphic/art director for many years before I start my photography career. I think that help me a lot for framing the subject, look at the right elements and create work of art in my own way.

How do you relate with the brides and how do you manage the signature of contracts?

Mostly I’ve the meeting in my studio with every couple, show them my work and sample album, 90% of them already seen a lot of my work online and know all my packages price. I normally let them to go back and think carefully before, I’m not a kind of photographer who push and ask them to sign the contract just want them to feel comfortable and 100% sure they want my service.



Would you rather face the day in a detached way , or would you prefer to know as much as possible to be able to relate in a more friendly and get involved in the events?

I prefer to know as much as possible what will happen on the day beforehand, I like to listen to the couple. The more I listen to their story, understand their feeling, the more elements I can put into the picture and make them look extraordinary, but on the day itself I will just be the observer, document all the moments without any interfere or interrupt any moments of the day

Do you use social networks to propose your business?

YES I use facebook page ( as my mainly social network, I also have Instagram too



You got a very recognizable style  you see that you’ve done careful research, how you got there ? What do you think of the presence on the market of apps like instagram , how they are changing the perception of the image ?

My style of wedding photography is based on natural & real moments and the color I try to use natural color with very minimum photoshopped with heavy effect, I think the natural color is the best way to present the images and you can look back at the picture no matter how long the time past. Some effect like Instagram it maybe look cool nowadays but in future it may look outdate and not in trend anymore.

Tanarak Photography #weddingdalmondo

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Do you work in team? Do you work in a professional studio or at home?

I’ve my own team, I’ll be the chief photographer with 2nd photographer and one assistant and I have my own studio

With which other photographers usually do group sessions or share?

Yes sometime I do some gathering or mini sharing session or workshop to share some knowledge among other photographers too.


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I love Italy! Beautiful country and food I hope I can bring more clients from Asia to explore and take photos with your beautiful country and meet many of you there!




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