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Wedding dal mondo: Csaba Vigh from Budapest

By 5 August 2014 No Comments

Celebra’s many novelties also include numerous columns that we will reveal a little at a time. We introduce you our latest rubric: Wedding dal Mondo.

We would like to use the italian name, because we love the international point of view, but we love to promote our philosophy: made in Italy, high-quality, collaboration, team work.


Because it enables us to exchange ideas with international photographers, with those companies that have succeeded in creating a “magical” setting through which to channel their professional skills.

The great opportunity with this column is to give voice to a world in evolution, in a state of flux. In order to get through this worldwide cultural and economic storm we have to unite, pull together all our differences and walk together through the process of change!  We love this rubric!

Today we introduce you Csaba Vigh (artsillustratedstudios.profb) from Budapest!




How did you create your own international brand , what state is the path from when you started today, which has allowed you to become who you are?

My studio is in the heart of the beautiful Budapest in Hungary. It is a big loft, with a small place to live, an even smaller office but a huge studio that takes up most of the space. It is our home, our work place, our life. I can say that it is a typical artist workshop, filled with our works and two waggish cats. I love the atmosphere of it, the old building, tha balcony and the bustle of the city. It is inspirational and it keeps me motivated and fresh.

How long have you been working here?

Well that’s quite a story. I was born in St. Petersburg, educated in Hungary then studied the trade secrets in the USA. In Argentina I established a professional photo/graphic studio for the next seven years photographing commercials, stock images, portraits and destination weddings. 10 years ago I returned to Hungary and opened  In our studio we do every kind of photography you can imagine: portrait photography, Business, Couple, Kids, Maternity and also Fashon and Catalog Photography or Commercials, but our main territory is still the International and Destination Wedding Photography. We lead the Studio with my wife, who became a professional photographer as well. We have a team of international destination wedding photographers and cinematographers, who share the same vision with us. 





What makes you different than the other photographers out there?

I believe that every photographer, no matter what is their object wants to capture those unique moments in life wich you don’t want to forget. Capture them in a way that an avarege eye can’t see while happening, but feels the power of the image when it is born. This is the purpuse of photography, really. As a wedding photographer this is even more special, more real. Even though I’m signed up to document ones special day, my aim is to eternalize their love. Those little glances, smiles, happiness. I think this is what can make you outstanding. I think we are different because of my past in photography. We mix the photojournalism with a little glamour with an eye of a portrait photographer and we do it in a natural, spontaneous way. We do not really pose the couple, but we give them some instructions on how to move, what to do and then we let them do it on their own way and enjoy the moment.

How do you relate with couples?

I have my little recipe of course, after so many weddings and it works pretty well. But I also learned that you can never work in fix methods when you’re working with people. Not only none of them are the same, but they are also changing in every minute. But that is the beauty of it, they are alive and in love. What I can do is to give them all my attention, somehow think with their heads, feel their feelings and see every opportunity to give them a special memory of their wedding.

What do you think about economic crisis?

It is hard. Not only for photographers, but for everybody. The only solution is to work hard, think big and be creative. Positive attitude can take you everywhere.



Do you use social networks to propose your business?

Social media is unavoidable nowdays. I personally think it is great. It’s an easy way to show your work to the world, specially in photography.  You can create direct contections with other users, and also get fast response. I can not imagine any business successfully working without it.

Professional photography is an excellent career choice for anyone who wants to get paid for using their creative talents. It’s one of the few fields where age and college degrees aren’t as important as a good eye, a quality product, and self discipline. Photography is a competitive field, however; so be prepared to start small, while you perfect your craft and build a portfolio of your best work. Give us some tips to start this business.

Talent , motivation, discipline and strong belief in your work. One can not exist without the other. Sure you can learn everything about how to run a business, about numbers and laws. Don’t get me wrong that is important too. But you will not get anywhere without hard work, creativity and a team beside you.






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