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Key Box: IRO’s style in a USB flash drive.

By 15 January 2016 3 Comments

Recently, we have introduced to you IRO, a project originated from a research with an ambitious goal: to connect the photo album with home design, style and living, to have a product at home which contains the most important pictures of a wedding; hence, a product to be there in the joyful moments and in everyday life.

Your feedbacks as photographers are very valuable for us; they inspire us and push us to do more research in order to create something dear to the heart and the memory.

Thanks to the precious partnership with Daniele Vertelli and Andrea Corsi, we have conceived a new small version of IRO, from which we have taken the elegance of fabrics, the warmth of oak wood and the details of handmade products.



The search for fabrics, wood and customisations are at the origin of IRO Key Box, a small jewel containing a USB flash drive of different capacities and small prints 10×15 printed on quality paper in digital offset. This is another step for our company toward artisan quality and the quality Made in Italy which is so envied abroad.

Daniele Vertelli ed Andrea Corsi, wedding photographers of reference in Italy and abroad, holders of joy and enthusiasm, have strongly believed in this project and we owe them our deepest gratitude for the trust and the openness that they have shown to us.

Soon available the details to request IRO Key Box.



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